Friday, July 22, 2011

Yeah, I'm still at it.... :-)

Fifty-six days.  I've been at this "lifestyle change", diet, whatever you want to call it, for 56 days.  Actually, I don't consider myself to be on a diet, but rather to be calorie budgeting.  I think that is a much more accurate description of what I'm doing.  I'm simply managing the number of calories I'm allowing myself each day, just as you do with your finances.  I'm not limiting myself to certain foods - hell, I eat whatever I want.  I just eat less of it less often.

So 56 days in and how am I doing? Well, I've lost 17.6 pounds as of my weigh in Monday morning!  I think I've actually lost a little more because later in the day on Monday, after breakfast, I weighed a second time - I just really wanted to enjoy that smaller number on the scales one more time!!! - and ever after eating breakfast if showed an additional .6 pound loss.  I only officially count that first number so that .6 will just have to be recorded in next Monday's count, but damn if it didn't make me feel good.

With two weeks of vacationing between my first entry and this one, I have at times struggled to find foods that would be filling, enjoyable and fit my budget. I managed everyday but one.  One day out of 56? I can live with.  :-)  I hit a bit of a plateau between those vacations, only seeing a .6 loss in three weeks, but then this week made up for it.  Well, nearly.  But I do expect to see a larger than normally desired number this next Monday.

I must say I'm pretty happy with this.  I have only been hungry a couple of times when my budget was exhausted and I had to just suffer through it.  Most days I hardly realize I'm on a budget and more days than you'd think I end up with surplus calories at the end of the day.  Who'da thunk it???  Today I got the mean old frowny face for not eating enough.  This is the message MFD gave me:

Too few calories.  Consuming too few calories can decrease your metabolism.  This will hurt your long-term weight loss efforts.
Note:  Make sure you have entered all of your foods for the day.
I was 608 calories under budget, but that included an extra 378 from doing my Couch 2 5K run this evening.  I really haven't explained all of that I guess.  Really it deserves it's own post.  I started C25K.  I bought a Polar FT60 heart rate monitor watch and some fancy running shoes.  I'm gettin' my shit together, dudes. :-)

Well, gettin' my shit together that doesn't include cleaning my house or going to bed on time.  I don't guess running at 9pm helps with the bedtime, though.  Really need to start doing my run in the morning, but then I have to try to keep SweetPretty off of the treadmill, out of EVERYTHING, etc, etc, and it's just easier to fucking run at night and be sleep deprived!!!

I'll be blogging more....I miss it honestly.  Though only one person has even read this - or even knows about it - besides myself.  Oh, well.  It gives me somewhere to share and all of my "real life" friends are sick of hearing about all of this I am sure.

Later -

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